e-Joburg has been designed to be city smart, make life easier, more convenient, and more cost-effective for residents of Johannesburg.

This municipal online payment portal allows you to securely pay your accounts to the city, thanks to the convenience of electronic services that allow homeowners, business owners, and property managers to electronically interact with the city through the internet, or on any smart device.

"It is about time that the residents of the city of gold are provided with deserving services."
- Executive Mayor - Jolidee Matongo, 10 August 2021

The Mayor committed to the implementation of a system that is designed to improve customer interaction, experience, and revenue performance. e-Joburg is that vision.

Your support and use of our municipal online payment portal helps us to reduce the city's carbon footprint and service delivery costs and improves our ability to do more for our residents, businesses, and this beautiful City of gold.

Through it, we can work together to grow and improve Johannesburg, and build a future our city can be proud of.

Zenzele is all about doing it yourself, and now you can!

With e-Joburg we aim to bring the convenience of electronic services to all our stakeholders and civilians.

e-Joburg is all about being smart - City Smart. It is a secure, free, online service that allows homeowners, companies, property managing agents and tenants to electronically interact with the city, to handle municipal accounts payments online.
This service offers ratepayers the ability to interact with the City online and from any smart device, and includes low cost WhatsApp capability.

e-Joburg provides our residents with greater convenience and ease of interaction whilst the City benefits from reduced costs, call centre load and service requirements.

Registration is an easy process and once validated provides immediate access to your accounts and services.

Users can receive, view, download and conveniently pay their monthly statements. Simply choose your preferred method of communication and we will send you friendly reminders via email or sms.

Each and every statement, payment and electronic interaction is stored in history for your convenience. Our customer information page allows Ratepayers to update or correct their contact information.

One of the most important functions is the ability to securely handle municipal account payments online. Our payments are safe and secure, and keeps you in control when making payments.

We validate ownership of all bank accounts, for the safety of our users, before an instructed debit may be processed. Our credit/debit card capability, electronic funds transfer and all other payment mechanisms comply with relevant legislation and banking rules.

In addition, the system electronically controls all referencing ensuring that your payment is correctly allocated. This ensures that a payment made via an e-Joburg payment method immediately reflects within e-Joburg and once fully processed by the relevant Bank provides proof of payment.

Our instructed debit pull gives you full control over the amount and date on which you wish to pay, from any and all bank accounts. You can even instruct your payment for a future date should you be travelling or away on holiday and we will provide confirmation of payment via sms or email.

No more manual input, middlemen or human errors in capturing references! Importantly, no more service terminations due to delayed payment notifications or erroneous referencing.

In the unlikely event of a query, our integrated management tools allow for both you and the Municipality to view the same information for speedier resolution.

Human error and payment delays are two of the most common reasons for erroneous termination of services - e-Joburg removes these risks, that is City Smart!

The City continues to work on further enhancements and services.

Payment arrangements are on the way.

Electronic forms for services, automation of these service applications and improved query management are all on our agenda.

If you would like to know more about the online services that make it easier for you to be CITY SMART, be sure to get in contact with a representative from e-Joburg today.

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