E-Joburg is an initiative to bring service delivery in line with global local government standards. The purpose is to automate as many of the manual processes as possible to ensure fast and efficient service delivery. One of the ways in which this has been done is through the option of being able to pay accounts online.

Being able to make online payments comes with several benefits that are not only beneficial for the residents but also for the City of Johannesburg to improve its service delivery. Instead of waiting in queues to attend to these payments, it is now seamless and hassle-free through the municipal online payment portal. The service offers a wide range other benefits as well, including being able to submit your own meter reading and to be able to make the payment swiftly online.

Online payments are faster than payments that you would make with cash and reflect more immediately. There are no location or time constraints that are applicable when making online payments, making the whole process a lot faster. It is possible to make payments at any time and from any location, and at your leisure, without having to go into the bank or to the shops to stand in queues to make the payment.

Online payments are also a lot safer than paying in any other way. You no longer need to handle large amounts of cash to perform these transactions or have to perform card transactions. Everything is done from the security of your computer. Carrying cash or your bank card always has the associated risk that they can be stolen, but with online transactions, this risk is reduced.

Convenience is another benefit of being able to pay your account through the municipal online payment portal. Being able to perform the transaction online from wherever you are situated, and at any time that is convenient to you, makes the whole process a lot easier. No longer do you need to make the commute or set aside part of your day to attend to your payments to the City of Johannesburg.

It also saves on processing costs. No longer is a teller needed to perform these transactions. Many other administrative costs are also reduced with the municipal online payment portal. What you will be paying for will be clear and transparent, with no other hidden costs. This also allows the City of Johannesburg to make use of these resources that would otherwise incur charges in other areas where they are needed.

Online payments are also contactless in that you need not deal with any intermediaries to make the payment. There is no go-between person and you deal directly with the City of Johannesburg. Contactless payments have also become very relevant since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, where there is now a higher demand and need for payments to be contactless. Online payments remove the necessity of having to come into contact with other people to perform the transaction, keeping everyone safe.

These kinds of payments also ensure that the City of Johannesburg has the cash flow to be able to provide its services. Online payments are a fast and efficient way to collect revenue. It not only assists the resident who is paying but also assists in saving the City of Johannesburg in costs and time. Online payments also make it possible to serve more residents at one time than was possible before. In this way, you can avoid the delays that come with traditional payments, and the City of Johannesburg can collect its revenue with ease.

The records that are also kept on the municipal online payment portal help to ensure that you can reconcile your accounts speedily and with ease. This will eliminate accounting errors and will give you more certainty knowing that you have accurate information. You will also have all the payment details beforehand which also minimises the risk of errors.

Online payment through the municipal online payment portal has the capability of making the payments to the City of Johannesburg as seamless as possible. Over and above this, submitting your meter reading has also never been easier. By being able to submit your own meter reading, the information will be accurate and always timeous. The platform provides a fast, safe and efficient way of loading information and making payment that is of benefit to all parties involved. To pay your account, log on to e-Joburg today.

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